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Trespass is an app for iphone that provides users with an oral history of Freeman’s Wood; an area of urban edgeland situated on the outskirts of Lancaster, England.

Freeman's Wood has been used for decades by local people for recreation and is currently owned by an offshore property company. Recently they erected a metal fence around the Wood, barring locals from entering under threat of breaking trespass laws.

Curtis recorded interviews with members of the local community as they walked inside and around the Wood. App users are invited to walk these same routes whilst listening to the individuals reflect on the impact the Wood has had on their lives, and their speculations as to what the Wood’s future might be. 


The app uses geo-location to identify where users are in relation to the boundary of Freeman’s Wood. The app restricts access to some of the audio content - access to all thirteen audio tracks is only granted if the listener chooses to trespass, crossing both the physical fence, and the app’s virtual geo-fence, into Freeman’s Wood. 

Click here to listen to a sample audio track

An essay by Andrew Brown accompanies the work. Related article for Guardian Cities by Bradley Garett.

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Trespass was commissioned by StoreyG2. App programmer Ron Herrema.

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Trespass, 2015

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