Antipodes is a constantly updating online artwork which pairs webcams images from places on exact opposite sides of the globe. As far away from each other as it is possible to be, these distant 'twins' often have surprising afinities.

Alongside the online artwork exists a series of time-lapse videos created from the continuous flow of images so far captured by the project website. Additionally an installation of live webcam feeds, drawings depicting antipodal geographies and photographic works have also been created from the collected data.

Antipodes launched on the Northward Equinox 2013 and will run for a period of one year: www.antipodes.uk.com

Commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella, in association with Spacex.

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Antipodes (Dawn / Dusk), 2013

Digital C-Type print on aluminium

Antipodes (Volcán Tungurahua, Ecuador / Gunung Sinabung, Indonesia)

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Antipodes (One Day), 2013

Two gicléé prints framed with window mounts

One Day (Puerto de Tapia de Casariego, Spain / Port of Christchurch, New Zealand)

Antipodes (Live Feeds), 2013

10 paired wall-mounted monitors with live webcam feeds

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Antipodes, 2013

Internet based artwork, www.antipodes.uk.com

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Antipodes (Antipodal Geographies), 2013

Ink on tracing paper, 50 x 50cms

Antipodes (South America / South East and East Asia) (View Zoom)