Tong Tana

Tong Tana captures a view of the Borneo rainforest from the perspective of a semi-nomadic Penan hunter as he traverses rugged jungle terrain - making solitary journeys through traditional hunting grounds with his handmade poison-arrow blowpipe. 

The work was filmed using a head mounted camera and binaural microphones worn by the hunter. His journey is experienced as an immersive video installation, with binaural sound.

Tong Tana also includes a series of maps made in collaboration with the hunter that plot his route over several days.

The artist would like to thank The Penan of the Upper Baram River, Sarawak, Borneo for their generosity and hospitality.Tong Tana is supported by Arts Council England. Sound mastered by Craig Vear.

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Tong Tana, 2012

High definition video projection with binaural sound