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Trespass is an app for iphone that provides users with an oral history of Freeman’s Wood; an area of urban edgeland situated on the outskirts of Lancaster, England.

Freeman's Wood has been used for decades by local people for recreation and is currently owned by an offshore property company. Recently they erected a metal fence around the Wood, barring locals from entering under threat of breaking trespass laws.

Curtis recorded interviews with members of the local community as they walked inside and around the Wood. App users are invited to walk these same routes whilst listening to the individuals reflect on the impact the Wood has had on their lives, and their speculations as to what the Wood’s future might be. 


The app uses geo-location to identify where users are in relation to the boundary of Freeman’s Wood. The app restricts access to some of the audio content - access to all thirteen audio tracks is only granted if the listener chooses to trespass, crossing both the physical fence, and the app’s virtual geo-fence, into Freeman’s Wood. 

Click here to listen to a sample audio track

An essay by Andrew Brown accompanies the work. Related article for Guardian Cities by Bradley Garett.

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Trespass was commissioned by StoreyG2. App programmer Ron Herrema.

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Trespass, 2015

App for iphone



Antipodes is a constantly updating online artwork which pairs webcams images from places on exact opposite sides of the globe. As far away from each other as it is possible to be, these distant 'twins' often have surprising afinities.

Alongside the online artwork exists a series of time-lapse videos created from the continuous flow of images so far captured by the project website. Additionally an installation of live webcam feeds, drawings depicting antipodal geographies and photographic works have also been created from the collected data.

Antipodes launched on the Northward Equinox 2013 and will run for a period of one year: www.antipodes.uk.com

Commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella, in association with Spacex.

Antipodes (Live Feeds), 2013

10 paired wall-mounted monitors with live webcam feeds

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Antipodes, 2013

Internet based artwork, www.antipodes.uk.com


Polar Wandering

Layla Curtis spent three months in Antarctica carrying out an extensive psycho-geographical exploration and creating a continuous line drawing charting her journey.

Longitudinal and latitudinal data recorded on a personal GPS tracking system was logged on the project website to create a 27,856 mile long, interactive web based drawing embedded with photographs and drawings.  

A suite of 10 limited edition screen prints, focusing on specific points and incidents along the line were also produced.

Layla Curtis was awarded an Arts Council England International Fellowship to Antarctica jointly sponsored by The British Antarctic Survey. This project was developed in collaboration with Locus+.

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Polar wandering, 2006

Internet based interactive drawing, dimensions variable

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Message in a Bottle from Ramsgate to the Chatham Islands

Fifty bottles containing messages were released into the sea near Ramsgate Maritime Museum, Kent. Their intended destination, The Chatham Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, is the nearest inhabited land to the precise location on the opposite side of the world to Ramsgate Maritime Museum. 

Several of the bottles are being tracked using GPS technology and are programmed to send their longitude and latitude coordinates back to Ramsgate every hour. 
The information they transmit is used to create a real time drawing of their progress.

Commissioned by Turner Contemporary


Souvenirs from Manchester

Souvenirs from Manchester is a collection of over 300 souvenirs, each emblazoned with the word 'Manchester', collected by the artist during a ten day journey by Greyhound bus to a selection of the forty-one places in the USA named Manchester.

The installation of souvenirs was commissioned by UMIM and exhibited in Fabrications at CUBE, Manchester, UK.

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Souvenirs from Manchester, 2002

Mixed media installation, dimensions variable

Installation view


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Everywhere I've Ever Been, 2001

Flash animation

Cab Routes
One Week in London

Cab Routes One Week in London traces the routes made by cab driver Jason Brown as he ferried passengers across London during a specific week. Created before GPS navigation systems were commonplace in London taxis, the artists asked the cab driver to keep a record of his journeys using a red felt tip pen to draw onto photocopied maps of the city. The resulting lines are animated to create a one minute drawing.

Cab Routes One Week in London was commissioned by Cab Gallery - a project curated by Paul Stolper and Jason Brown.



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Cab Routes - One Week in London, 2001

Flash animation