Filmed entirely using thermal imaging cameras at last year’s Great North Run, Heatscapes is a series of short films that trace the race participants' journeys across the cityscape. The cameras make visible the glowing heat generated by the runners' bodies during their training, warm up and the race itself, and reveal the temporary heat prints transferred from the runners onto the urban fabric as they move through the city.

Heatscapes will premiere at The Gallery, Tyneside Cinema where the artist has conceived a multi-screen installation specifically for The Gallery, transforming the space via multiple projections.

Heatscapes is a Great North Run Culture Moving Image Commission.

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Heatscapes, 2015

Video, B&W, silent


Tong Tana

Tong Tana captures a view of the Borneo rainforest from the perspective of a semi-nomadic Penan hunter as he traverses rugged jungle terrain - making solitary journeys through traditional hunting grounds with his handmade poison-arrow blowpipe. 

The work was filmed using a head mounted camera and binaural microphones worn by the hunter. His journey is experienced as an immersive video installation, with binaural sound.

Tong Tana also includes a series of maps made in collaboration with the hunter that plot his route over several days.

The artist would like to thank The Penan of the Upper Baram River, Sarawak, Borneo for their generosity and hospitality.Tong Tana is supported by Arts Council England. Sound mastered by Craig Vear.

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Tong Tana, 2012

High definition video projection with binaural sound


Traceurs: to trace, to draw,
to go fast

Traceurs: to trace, to draw, to go fast is a collection of twenty black and white films, created using a thermal imaging camera, which capture a series of moments in which traceurs (practitioners of parkour) come into physical contact with the urban fabric. The camera, which sees the world in terms of temperature rather than light, makes visible the glowing white heat residue transferred from hands, fingers and feet onto the surfaces that the traceurs nimbly leap onto, run across and spring off. 

The films are screened simultaneously as part of a multi channel video installation.

Related publication: Traceurs: to trace, to draw, to go fast with essay by Richard Grayson

Commissioned by Westminster City Council.

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Turn Vault (1), 2008

Video, B/W, silent, 33 seconds

video still

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Cat Leap & Traverse (3), 2008

Video, B/W, silent, 4 minutes 50 seconds

video still

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Cat Leap (2), 2008

Video, B/W, silent, 3 minutes 23 seconds

video still

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Tic Tac, 2008

Video, B/W, silent, 1 minute 58 seconds

video still


78 Degrees North, 67 Degrees South

Every minute for one year, the images transmitted from two webcams, each at opposite ends of the planet, were captured and compiled to create the timelapse work 78 Degrees North, 67 Degrees South.

Beginning on the southern hemisphere's longest day (and subsequently the northern hemisphere's shortest day), the two videos are viewed side by side tracking the contrasting seasons and extreme weather conditions at these diametrically opposite locations.


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78 Degrees North, 67 Degrees South, 2007

Two channel video (animated webcam stills), colour, silent


67 Degrees South

Real time images of the Antarctic landscape, transmitted from a live webcam installed at an Antarctic research station 67 degrees south, are projected onto a miniature screen inside a snowdome in the work 67 Degrees South.

67 Degrees South was commissioned by National Glass Centre on the occasion of the 2007 Sunderland Winter Festival.

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67 Degrees South, 2006

Video projection of live webcam footage inside snowdome, colour, silent

Sky Drawings (Night,Day)

Sky Drawings (Night, Day) is a two channel video projection depicting the traces left by aeroplanes as they cross a particular section of sky. One projection shows lingering vapour trails gradually obliterating a blue cloudless sky, while the other shows a collection of red, green and white blinking aeroplane lights against the night's sky. Projected simultaneously onto a double sided screen the night and day footage cannot be seen at the same time.

Related publication: A Congregation of Vapours, with essay by David Barrett

Sky Drawings (Night, Day) was commissioned by VIVID and supported by the Henry Moore Foundation.

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Sky Drawings (Night, Day), 2006

Two channel video installation,
colour, silent, 11 minutes 10 seconds

Installation view


Crevasse is a two channel video installation depicting a gradual assent out of an Antarctic crevasse. The assent, captured simultaneously on two cameras (one downward facing and one upward facing), is replayed in the gallery space - the footage from the downward facing camera is projected onto the floor while the footage from the upward facing camera is projected onto ceiling.

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Crevasse, 2006

Two channel video installation, colour, silent, 4 minutes 18 seconds

video stills

Horizon (Port, Starboard)

Horizon (Port, Starboard) is a two channel video projection depicting the moving horizon line filmed simultaneously from opposite sides of an ice-strengthened ship. As the ship propels forward and rolls from port to starboard the horizon rises and falls within the two window frames – one horizon falling exactly as the other rises. 


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Horizon (Port, Starboard), 2006

Two channel video projection, colour, silent, 15 minutes 15 seconds

video still

Soup, 2006

Video, colour, silent, 18 minutes 25 seconds

Wanderers, 2006

Video projection, colour, silent, 28 minutes 18 seconds