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Borders & Boundaries Field Trip

Landscape Justice Research Group, UK

18 May 2019
2 – 6 pm

Join Landscape Research Group on a minibus journey through a slice of Lancashire, from the coast to the moors, exploring land ownership, power relations and the impact on people’s lives.

We will travel a route through the area defined by Landed: Cadastral Maps, guided by project lead John Angus of StoreyG2 and accompanied by artist Layla Curtis who will discuss her contribution to the project.

The field trip is part of a unique two-day event exploring the work of LRG’s Funded Projects.

For further information see: Landscape Justice: Borders & Boundaries

Landed: Cadastral Maps was a pilot research project examining methods of obtaining information about current and historical landownership of a rural area of north Lancashire. The aim is to use the information to create artists' cadastral maps, layered to track ownership over time. The resulting cadastral maps will serve as demonstration examples of landownership history in the UK.

Landed Cadastral Maps was led by John Angus. Artist-researchers: Rebecca Chesney and Layla Curtis