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Drawing Conversations 4

University of Huddersfield, UK

4 September 2020

Layla Curtis is Key Note Speaker at the Drawing Conversations 4 symposium along with Professor Deanna Petherbridge and Professor Anita Taylor. 

The symposium will discuss how drawing practices and processes enable engagements with sites of history and narrative.

Organised by DR Simon Woolham, Professor Jill Journeaux, Katy Suggitt and Christian Skovgaard Petersen

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Terrain Vague

Slade School of Art, UCL, London, UK

Exhibition: 25 – 28 March 2020
Symposium: 26 – 27 March 2020

Curated by Graham Gussin. 

Layla Curtis is a speaker at Terrain Vague

Terrain Vague takes its title from a key essay concerning urban spaces written in 1995 by Ignasi de Sola-Morales. This event, in the form of an exhibition and symposium, takes the essay as a starting point. Interstitial spaces will be considered in relation to themes of uncertainty, instability, identity and agency.

Film screenings, performed lectures and talks delivered from the Fine Art, Geography and Architecture Departments at UCL.

Trespass, 2015

Talks & Events

Disrupting Cartography

Bodleian Libraries, Oxford, UK

28 February 2020
7.30 – 8pm

During Library Lates - Talking Maps, Curtis will introduce several of her manipulated cartographic works including her first collaged map United Kingdom (1999), a work included in the Talking Maps exhibition NewcastleGateshead (2005), and work recently acquired for the Bodleian map collection The Thames (from London Bridge Arizona, to Sheerness, Canada) (2013).

The talk is part of an evening of talks, tours, workshops and hands-on art activities exploring select maps from the Bodleian Libraries map collection.

For more information see: Library Lates - Talking Maps

United Kingdom, 1999


Talks & Events

Planning Matters

Kettle Barton, Helston, UK

27 July 2019

Planning Matters is a programme of talks and events curated by Kestle Barton associate artist Paul Chaney.

Planning Matters explores the complexity of issues arising around themes of low-impact development, land ownership, planning law, and sustainable urban planning in these times of housing crisis, societal collapse, mass extinction, and potential transformation.

Contributors include: Dr Tom Greeves, Simon Fairlie, Dr Mike Hannis, Layla Curtis, Ian Nesbitt, London Fieldworks, and Jonathan Hoskins.

Evening screenings in the pavilion curated by Marcy Saude.


Talks & Events

Borders & Boundaries Field Trip

Landscape Justice Research Group, UK

18 May 2019
2 – 6 pm

Join Landscape Research Group on a minibus journey through a slice of Lancashire, from the coast to the moors, exploring land ownership, power relations and the impact on people’s lives.

We will travel a route through the area defined by Landed: Cadastral Maps, guided by project lead John Angus of StoreyG2 and accompanied by artist Layla Curtis who will discuss her contribution to the project.

The field trip is part of a unique two-day event exploring the work of LRG’s Funded Projects.

For further information see: Landscape Justice: Borders & Boundaries

Landed: Cadastral Maps was a pilot research project examining methods of obtaining information about current and historical landownership of a rural area of north Lancashire. The aim is to use the information to create artists' cadastral maps, layered to track ownership over time. The resulting cadastral maps will serve as demonstration examples of landownership history in the UK.

Landed Cadastral Maps was led by John Angus. Artist-researchers: Rebecca Chesney and Layla Curtis


Talks & Events

Trespass, Living Maps Seminar

King's College London, London, UK

20 June 2018
6 – 8pm

Layla Curtis will discuss the research, inspiration and processes behind two of her recent works: Trespass (2015) and The Thames (from London Bridge, Arizona to Sheerness, Canada) (2013). In both works Curtis creates a map of a specific location, but uses two different techniques to do so.

Curtis’ presentation will contribute to the theme of 'cultural cartographies' by demonstrating how artistic practices and technologies can lead to novel and ground-up approaches to mapping the experiences and cultures of place.


Talks & Events

Urban Encounters 2017: Cartographies

Tate Britain, London, UK

11 November, 10.30am - 5.30pm

Layla Curtis will discuss her work Trespass as part of Urban Encounters 2017: Cartographies conference at Tate Britain. 

The conference brings together a wide range of international artists, urban theorists and cultural activists whose work is concerned with mapping contemporary city spaces.

Talks and presentations include those from Roger Ballen, Ofri Cnaani, Layla Curtis, Edward Hillel, Jamila Cooper, Abbas Nokhasteh, Michelle Henning, Claire Holdsworth, Linda Lai and Susan Philipsz. 

Please see the Tate website for more information. Urban Encounters is part of UrbanPhotoFest.

Trespass, 2015


Talks & Events

Krajina v pozoru

Jan Evangelista Purkyn University, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic

19 October 2016

This interdisciplinary conference is organised by The Faculty of Art and Design at JEPU to coinside with the exhibition Epiphany – Frontiers of Solitude, organized by the House of Arts.

Both the conference and the exhibition loosely follow the topics of the international project Frontiers of Solitude, organized by Školská 28 Gallery in Prague.

Speakers include: Vladimír Bruna, Michaela Hrubá, Vladimír Burt, Tomáš Pavlícek, Iva Rittschelová, Miloš Vojtchovský, Jirí Zemánek, Layla Curtis, Paul Chayne & Peter Cusack. Layla Curtis will present Antipodes.

Antipodes, internet based artwork, 2013, www.antipodes.uk.com


Talks & Events

Layla Curtis in conversation with Andrew Brown

The Gallery, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, UK

23 September 2015 from 6.30pm

An evening hosted by Andrew Brown, founder and publisher of Art / Books, in which Great North Run Culture commisioned artist Layla Curtis will talk about the inspiration and techniques behind her new moving image exhibition Heatscapes

For more information and booking please see: http://bit.ly/1Jeferm

Heatscapes, video (still), 2015


Talks & Events

Artist's Talk

Government Art Collection, London, UK

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Layla Curtis discusses her online artwork Antipodes at an event hosted by The Government Art Collection as part of Ada Lovelace Day; a celebration of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. This event will also include a talk by artist Natalie Dower.

The event is free but places are limited so reservation is essential.

For more information and to book tickets please visit the Government Art Collection website

Antipodes (Spain, New Zealand), online and photographic work, 2013


Talks & Events

Environmental Dialogues

Filmhouse Cinema, Edinburgh, UK

11 July 2011 - 6pm 

Layla Curtis will present Polar Wandering - an interactive web-based work created during her Arts Council England International Fellowship to Antarctica with the British Antarctic survey in 2005/6. 

The talk will follow a screening of the 1920 documentary film South which follows the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic expedition of 1914-1916.

Environmental Dialogues is programmed by CORE as part of a citywide event to coincide with the11th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences held in Edinburgh, Scotland 10-16th July 2011. www.filmhousecinema.com

< >

Polar Wandering (South Georgia), 2006


Talks & Events

Walking with the Penan

Talks on Art - Storey Gallery, Lancaster, UK

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Earlier this year, artist Layla Curtis spent four weeks trekking in the rainforests of Borneo* with the semi-nomadic Penan – one of the last surviving hunter-gatherer tribes in South-East Asia and acknowledged masters of tracking and hunting.  The aim was to obtain point of view (POV) video footage of a Penan hunter’s solo journey through dense jungle near Ba Jawi, one of Borneo’s last remaining pristine rainforest wildernesses. 

The artist will talk about her work in progress which attempts to capture a view of the forest from the perspective of the Penan who move incredibly fluidly, gracefully, swiftly and almost silently whilst navigating the tangled

jungle environment and tracking their prey. She will also discuss the Penan's unique visual tracking language, which uses a complex system of folded leaves and bent twigs to convery details of their journeys to other people in the forest.

The artist will also discuss two other works: her collection of films Traceurs: to trace, to draw, to go fast in which she uses a thermal imaging camera to make visible the heat traces left by parkour practitioners as they make their unique journeys across the city, and Polar Wandering, her interactive web based drawing charting her own personal journey to Antarctica.

* Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Talks & Events

Excess Baggage

BBC Radio 4

Saturday 17 July 2010

Sandi Toksvig interviews Layla Curtis about her recent trip to a Penan community deep in the Borneo jungle where she used point of view cameras to film the journeys undertaken by the nomadic hunter gathers during a hunting trip in the forest.

Listen to interview on BBC Radio4's website

Curtis' research and development trip to Borneo was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England


Talks & Events

Urban Cinematics

Crassh, University of Cambridge, UK

8 - 9 December 2009

Layla Curtis is a keynote speaker at Urban Cinematics - a two day conference exploring the use of cinema & the moving image as a way to investigate the phenomena, experience and narrative of cities.


Talks & Events

Beyond Text:
The Artist's Diary Reinvented

Cochrane Theatre,London, UK

12 November 2008

Iain Sinclair, Brian Catling, Richard Grayson and Layla Curtis participate in an event that is part of late artist Ian Breakwell's AHRC fellowship project The Diary Reinvented. The project explores new multi-media forms of his hybrid diaristic work.

Talks & Events

The Making of Traceurs:
to trace, to draw, to go fast

Skate City, Southbank

Friday 11 July 2008
9pm - 11.30pm

Curated by BFI, London , UK

As part of London Festival of Architecture's Screenings and Performances programme, the British Film Institute are screening a selection of parkour and skater films in Skate City on Friday evening. The Making of Traceurs: to trace, to draw, to go fast, a film by Julie Angel which follows the making of a series of artist's films by Layla Curtis, will be shown along with Channel Four's Jump London.


Photo: Andy Day

Talks & Events

The Making of Traceurs:
to trace, to draw, to go fast

ICA Cinema, London, UK

Saturday 21 & Thursday 26 June 2008 2pm

The Making of Traceurs: to trace, to draw, to go fast, a documentary by Julie Angel following the making of a series of artist's films by Layla Curtis, will be screened at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. Featuring Stephane & Johann Vigroux, Forrest, Thomas Couetdic. The screening will be followed by a question and answer session with the artist Layla Curtis.

In association with Westminster City Council and the London Festival of Architecture.

Photo: Andy Day

Talks & Events

Eamonn Maxwell in conversation with Layla Curtis

Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast, UK

14 March - 3 May 2008

Curator Eamonn Maxwell discusses the work in Layla Curtis's solo show at Ormeau Baths Gallery.


Soup, video, 2006


Talks & Events

Poster Giveaway:
Art On The Underground

Underground Stations

26 - 30 November 2007 

To celebrate the rebranding of the Platform for Art initiative as Art on the Underground, five artists have been commissioned to create new works that will be given away to the public for free.

Turner Prize nominee (2006) Mark Titchner has created one of his trademark bold signage works, Layla Curtis' intricately drawn London map is, on closer inspection, completely fictitious, as are James Ireland's collages of dramatic snow-covered mountain peaks. 

25,000 of each design have been produced and will be given away free at Kings Cross, Victoria, Waterloo, Paddington and Liverpool Street tube stations. 

Metro, 19 November 2007 (View Zoom)

Talks & Events

Sally O’Reilly in conversation with
Catherine Bertola,
Layla Curtis & Graham Dolphin

The Drawing Room, London UK

Wednesday 7 March 2007

Writer and critic Sally O'Reilly discusses the work in the exhibition The Opposite of Vertigo at The Drawing Room with artists Catherine Bertola, Layla Curtis & Graham Dolphin.

Signy Island, limited edition screen print, 2006


Talks & Events

Emily Marsden in conversation with Layla Curtis

New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall, UK

Curator Emily Marsden discusses work in Layla Curtis's solo show at The New Art Gallery Walsall.


Crevasse, video installation, 2006

Talks & Events

Habitat Symposium

VIVID, Birmingham, UK

The Habitat symposium, organised and hosted by VIVID during Architecture week 2006, is an exciting opportunity to see new work in progress by artists Richard Billingham and Layla Curtis who are currently working with the organisation.

These public presentations provide a rare opportunity for an audience to engage with the artists at a working stage of production. Guest speakers have been invited to contextualise the broader concerns raised by this newly commissioned work, including curator Jeni Walwin, architect and writer Ben Flatman, and Anthony Hoete and Falk Schneemann of WHAT Architecture.

Related publication: A Congregation of Vapours, David Barret

Sky Drawings (Night, Day), video installation, 2006

Talks & Events

Artist's Talk

University of the Arts Gallery, London, UK

28 March 2006

Selected artists in the exhibition Territory talk about their work with gallery curator Eamonn Maxwell.