Solo Exhibitions


The Gallery, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, UK

10 September - 4 October

Filmed entirely using thermal imaging cameras at last year’s Great North Run, Heatscapes is a series of short films that trace the race participants' journeys across the cityscape. The cameras make visible the glowing heat generated by the runners' bodies during their training, warm up and the race itself, and reveal the temporary heat prints transferred from the runners onto the urban fabric as they move through the city.

Heatscapes will premiere at The Gallery, Tyneside Cinema - the artist has concieved a multi-screen installation specifically for the space. Heatscapes is a Great North Run Culture Moving Image Commission.


Heatscapes, video (still), 2015


Solo Exhibitions


Cube Gallery, Phoenix, Leicester, UK

18 October - 21 December 2013

This second gallery staging of the online artwork Antipodes features a new series of time-lapse videos created from the continuous flow of images so far captured by the project website. Also included is an installation of webcams streaming live images from opposite ends of the globe and new drawings depicting antipodal geographies.

Antipodes launched on the Northward Equinox 2013 and will run for a period of one year: www.antipodes.uk.com

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Antipodes, 2013, 10 paired wall-mounted monitors with live webcam feeds

Solo Exhibitions

Layla Curtis

Spacex, Exeter, UK

18 May - 13 July 2013

British artist Layla Curtis presents a solo exhibition including a new online and photographic work Antipodes (2013) and her immersive video and sound installation Tong Tana (2012)

Antipodes pairs webcam images from places on opposite sides of the globe. As far away from each other as it is possible to be, these distant ‘twins’ have obvious day/night, summer/winter contrasts but also surprising affinities. Antipodes will run for a period of a year, launching on spring equinox 2013. www.antipodes.uk.com

Antipodes is commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella, in association with Spacex. Supported by Arts Council England.

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Antipodes, 2013, installation view


Solo Exhibitions

to trace, to draw, to go fast

Chelsea Futurespace, London, UK

4 June - 21 September 2008

Traceurs: to trace, to draw, to go fast is a collection of twenty black and white films, created using a thermal imaging camera, which capture a series of moments in which traceurs (practitioners of parkour) come into physical contact with the urban fabric. The camera, which sees the world in terms of temperature rather than light, makes visible the glowing white heat residue transferred from hands, fingers and feet onto the surfaces that the traceurs nimbly leap onto, run across and spring off.

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Cat Leap Traverse 3, video, 2008

Solo Exhibitions

Layla Curtis

Ormeau Baths, Belfast, UK

14th March - 3rd May 2008

Featuring video work and drawings made during her Arts Council England International Fellowship to Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey in 2005 and collages from the States of Mind series.

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Solo Exhibitions

Layla Curtis

New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall, UK

21 July - 10 October 2006

Co-curated by VIVID & New Art Gallery Walsall

This exhibition includes work produced as a result Layla Curtis's journey to Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey in 2005 along with a new video installation Sky Drawings (Night, Day), commissioned by VIVID, which focuses on vapour trails made by aeroplanes in the sky above the West Midlands.

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Solo Exhibitions

Polar Wandering

Gimpel Fils, London, UK

9 May - 10 June 2006

Leaving London on Thursday October 27th 2005 Layla Curtis spent 3 months carrying out an extensive geographical exploration with the British Antarctic Survey as part of their Artists and Writers residence programme. Gimpel Fils is pleased to exhibit artworks resulting from her 27,856 mile journey.

Signy Island, limited edition screen print, 2006


Solo Exhibitions

States of Mind

Rhodes + Mann, London UK

2 July - 7 August 2004

USA place names such as Wet Beaver Wilderness, Hard Cash and Gun Barrel City inspire a new series of collaged maps and related wall drawing Index, while the installation Souvenirs from Manchester traces USA namesakes.

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Solo Exhibitions

Message in a Bottle
from Ramsgate
to the Chatham Islands

Droit House, Margate, UK

27 May - 4 July 2004

A live drawing, updated automatically every 15 minutes, tracks the journey taken by a fleet of bottles released into the sea near Ramsgate and destined for the Chatham Islands.

Project website: www.fromramsgatetothechathamislands.co.uk

Related essay: Message in a Bottle from Ramsgate to the Chatham Islands by Jeremy Millar 

Commissioned by Turner Contemporary

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Message in a Bottle from Ramsgate to the Chatham Islands


Solo Exhibitions

Layla Curtis: New works

Rhodes + Mann, London UK

15 June - 22 July 2001

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Solo Exhibitions

Layla Curtis

Milton Keynes Gallery, UK

2 September - 8 October 2000

For her first solo exhibition in a UK public gallery Curtis is showing new works based on maps. The new works make use of sea, road and various world topographical maps, collaged into intriguing hybrid pieces. Some of them are specifically influenced by the grid format of Milton Keynes, one of them turning MK into a rectangular island surrounded by sea. Another new work is a framed text piece, Index (Everywhere I've Ever Been), presented like a hoax index to an atlas, incorporating only places Curtis has been to in her lifetime. 

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United Kingdom of America, collaged USA topographical maps, 2000

Solo Exhibitions

Up North

Projection Window, Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK

15 - 22 April 2000

Layla Curtis was commissioned by Site Gallery to make a new work for their Projection Window. 


Solo Exhibitions


AIAV, Akiyoshidai, Japan

9 - 10 January 1999

Layla Curtis will show new work made during her residency at Akiyoshidai international Art village